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Titulo do CD: “Carro Preto”

Titulo da Canção: “I Love Only You”


Verso 1
On a hot summer night, onder the stars
And you by my side
We held one another and promised each other
To love
And the kiss that you gave me
Was one as swet as wine
And the feling inside me
Was one that I can not explane

I love only you, I love only you
You no that its trugh
So promise me dear
You’ll allways be near
You’ll allways be near
The skys up above can even think of
The way that I feel
It comes from the heart girl
The words that i’m saying
You no thats its trugh 

Verso 2
Our love is so strong and there is nothing
To keep us apart
The sun and the moon and the stars
Will light up our hearts
Hold me close to you and don’t let me go
Feel the love inside of me
Show me all the thigs that you wana do
Show me everything you do